Photo by Amanda J Harrison Photography

Hi! I’m Alia, the gal behind
Living In The Rain.

An anxious soul on a journey to
a healthier, happier life, sharing life
experiences with others in the hope of
helping them along the way.

Negative mental health isn’t new to me. It’s something I’ve experienced for years and years with anxiety and low periods, and this blog was created as an output for me to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with it not only as a form of therapy for myself, but as a means of making others who experience similar things to feel less alone and hopefully help them in some way.

The name ‘Living in the Rain’ for me feels like a great metaphor for looking on the brightside essentially, and not letting what is seen as negative stop you from living. It came from a song I listened to many years ago, which goes “stop wishing for the sunshine, start living in the rain.” I resonated with this lyric a lot, realising that whatever the situation, we shouldn’t be letting the rain (phsyically or metaphorically speaking) stop us from being happy, and living life to the full.. and so this blog was born, one day during the pandemic in 2020, at a point when I was furloughed with a lot of time on my hands and forced to slow down and really think deep about what’s important in life and how I want to live.